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Core Concepts was created around the idea that there are six core areas that create the totality of a person’s financial life. Our team aims to empower you to make informed, effective decisions with your money in each of those core areas. We believe the most effective tool at your fingertips is the experience we have acquired throughout our time as financial professionals.

Our team embraces the LEAP Process to help our clients create a complete and comprehensive game plan for their finances. We always act as investment fiduciaries, no matter how you chose to be charged, meaning your best interest must always be our first priority. 

Dru Hull

Dru Hull, CFP®, AAMS®

Co-Founder and Director of Investment Concepts


Drew Scianna

Drew Scianna, JD, AAMS®

Co-Founder and Director of Business Concepts


Mark Reedy

Mark Reedy

Client Experience Concept Manager